New Media


Computer Science


Graphic Design

I am a soon to be graduate of The University of Maine, with a major in New Media and minors in Computer Science and Graphic Design.

My Computer Science minor gave me the programming experience I needed to really get started with web design within the New Media program. Graphic Design provided me with practical design skills and best practices in the design world. New Media is where the two sides met. In this program I focused in user experience design and web development, and got to work all kind of tools, from Arduinos to Laser Cutters. A significant component of the New Media program is “learning how to learn.” This is in the effort of keeping us always ready to work with whatever new technology surfaces in our lifetime.


ASAP Media Services

spring ’15 to fall ’16

ASAP Media Services is a UMaine student-operated research and development company. ASAP is where a really learned how to code websites. It gave me the opportunity and motivation to learn skills like css, html, and javascript on my own, and puts those skills to work with real clients.

Redfin Solutions

summer ‘16 to present

I was an summer intern in 2016 for Redfin Solutions, a Drupal web development company in Portland, ME. I learned a lot there, from Sketch to Sass and JQuery, and got to do both design and development for them. I still do work for them remotely while in my senior year of college.




Ruth Leopold, from Maine, age 22, contact email


I am a soon to be graduate front-end web developer and designer with experience working in web development companies within and outside of The University of Maine. I have strong front-end programming skills, with understanding of backend and version control. I also have an eye for design, and experience with user interface design, responsive design, brand design, and user experience. My occupational goal is to find opportunities to learn and be creative.

If you’re interested in seeing some of my work, check out my portfolio.